Friday, April 16, 2010

बाबु आमा र छोरा

विशेश्वर प्रसाद कोइराला को प्रसिध उपन्यास "बाबु आमा र छोरा"

भाग १ 

भाग २

भाग ३

भाग ४  

भाग ५  

भाग ६

भाग 7


  1. download garrna sikai dinu na yaar

  2. too good novel. 5 stars *****
    thanx for sharing achyut dai.

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  4. -----------------------------
    दाई प्लिज भाग ७ अपलोड गारिदिनुस न।

  5. please 7th part pani rakhdinu na

  6. ---------------------
    dhilai vayepani aadha baato ko sabai bhag upload garey jastai kripaya jharko namanikana yo upanyash ko pani bhag 7 upload garidinu hola.
    tapailai agrim dhayabaad!!

  7. dowload garna ko lagii best idea vanekoo IDM (internet download manager) install garuuu hos . idm u can find in net easily

  8. Episode 7 of Baabu, Aama ra Chhora is available now.

  9. During his stay in Banaras and later on in life, B.P. read a lot and enjoyed the works of Anton Chekov, Andre Gid, Charles Dickens, Robert Browning, Keats, Wordsworth, Hemmingway, Rabindranath Tagore, and others. He used to say that his style was influenced by the Russian writer Anton Chekov. He felt that Tolstoy was the greatest literary personality of the world and considered Bal Krishna Sama and Laxmi Prasad Devkota as the great writers of Nepal.

    An interesting aspect of B.P.'s works is that one does not find politics influencing his writings. Although a passionate politician - he was bound to conventional rules and norms of society - he hardly wrote about the constraints of his real life. It seems B.P. was able to place his feet in two different boats and bring both of them successfully to the bank. He once said: "I am one person in politics and a completely different person in literature. In this way, I feel that the two persons inside me are doing two different things and that they have never met. Politics has never influenced my writing." B.P. suffered from throat cancer and died in 1982 in Kathmandu.

  10. यस ब्लगमार्फत
    डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस् न त साथि । । । । । ।

  11. maile thuprai nepali upanyas haru padheko xu tara bp koirala ko babu aama ra xora jasto upanyas sadharan manxe le lekhnai sakdainan.

  12. exceptional novel by bp koirala......but i'm little bit disappointed by ending.chora kata gayeb bho tha bhayna upanyash ma...aba kuni nepali shaheitykar le yesh upanaysh ko doshro bhag chora ko version ma nekalyo bhane ramro hune theyo.....bp ko kiriti aajha aamar hune theyo!! achyut dai ko bachaan ma nasa 6 kyre shrota jan lie mantrmugda parne khal ko!!